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Comparison Between iPhone X, iPhone 8, and Other Previous iPhone Generations

10th year existence of Apple Comparison Between iPhone X iPhone 8 OIS Phone X

On September 12, 2017, Apple held a special event to announce its plan to release iPhone 8 and followed by the launch of iPhone X at some time thereafter. This adjacent launch time actually makes many people confused to distinguish both types of iPhone series. However, there are some big differences between both of them. In order to familiarize yourself with these differences, the following explanation will be very useful for you.

There is one big thing that became a main difference of this iPhone series, that is iPhone 8 is a continuation of the previous version of iPhone generation. While iPhone X is more devoted as a product to mark the 10th year existence of Apple with its smartphone products. In other words, iPhone 8 is a continuation of the regular edition, while iPhone X is a special edition and different from the previous iPhone editions. For display matter, iPhone X has a 5.8 inch screen width and of course it is different from the iPhone 7. iPhone X also brings a new display technology. At this time, Apple uses OLED display with Super Retina Display technology, which is claimed to have the best quality among all the OLED smartphone screen ever. While from the screen, shape, materials, quality, and even design aspects of the iPhone 8 still resemble the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

Another thing that becomes a difference here is there is no longer Home button found on the iPhone X. Related to this, there are some user experience problems resulted compared to the iPhone series that still use the Home button. Therefore, everything related to the Home button will be designed and re-customized. For example, how to return to the start screen page, where you can do it by swiping the screen from bottom to top. As for switching applications, you can swipe the screen from bottom to top and hold for a while, and so on.

The next difference is related to the camera. Although iPhone X and iPhone 8 bring and have a technology that is not much different, but the location and design on the dual camera is different. Dual camera of Phone X is arranged vertically, in contrast to the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 which has horizontal arrangement for its dual camera. The camera of the iPhone X has also been equipped with dual Optical Image Stabilization which allows both cameras on iPhone X to support OIS, while on iPhone 8 only wide angle cameras can support OIS.

In addition, iPhone 8 has a frame made from aluminum and glass materials for the rear casing. The colors that offered are space gray, gold, and silver. In terms of size, iPhone 8 is smaller and lighter with dimensions of 38.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm with only 148 grams of weight. While iPhone X has dimensions of 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm with weight reaching 174 grams. The back side of iPhone X was made of glass, but the frame is made from stainless steel surgical grade. Both series also feature a lightning port located at the bottom. iPhone X is only available in 2 colors, silver and space gray.

For the price, iPhone X is offered from $ 999. While iPhone 8 is cheaper with a price that is in $ 699 range.

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