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Some Vital Features Offered by iPhone X

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The newest iPhone X has been introduced to the public by Apple as a special edition for its 10th anniversary celebration. Apple released this series with initial purpose to make it as a standard for future smartphones with the title "The Future Smartphone". In this series, Apple has presented a very bold design. iPhone X is made with a screen that almost covers the entire body of the smartphone, leaving fewer edges (bezel). Not only that, there are also several new technologies that can distinguish this iPhone X with its various competitors. Here are some vital features that become a new breakthrough from Apple for its newest series, iPhone X.

One of the most impressive things about this product when it was introduced is related to the application of Augmented Reality or AR via a device called ARKit. In its demonstration, it clearly seems that the application of AR is so easy to accept, the picture is more or less like Pokemon Go. Only, AR contained on the iPhone X has been embedded in the camera phone, so the use can be more diverse. For example, when playing a game or while watching a sport event.

The next important thing from iPhone X is that this series is a manifestation of Apple's principle in producing its products, which is a safety guarantee. On the iPhone X, the safety side is manifested on what is called by Face ID which is become the ultimate safety feature of the iPhone X. This Face ID replaces the long-established Touch ID on the previous iPhone generations. Apple promised that this feature will be more secure and very less likely to be cracked. Even when compared to the Touch ID, the possibility to be cracked is also smaller. In addition, photos, masks, and even a twin face will not be able to penetrate the Face ID security system contained in this iPhone X.

At first glance, Apple only supports the camera with a resolution of 12 MP only. However, when looking at the quality of the image result, it looks more accurate and sharper than the previous iPhone series. This is because for the rear camera, Apple gives a large and much faster sensor, beside equipped with a much richer color filter, as well as a greater pixel density. For the front camera, iPhone X has an additional feature of Portrait Mode and Portrait Ligthing that makes the selfie activity become more maximal.

Apple also equips the iPhone X with advanced processors named A11 Bionic chips. Due to this processor too, iPhone X has new innovations such as the image sharpness quality and AR technology. Else, Apple gave a new breakthrough in emoji side on the iPhone X. Apple assumes this emoji feature is equally vital as do the other features. Emoji new generation introduced by Apple is called Animoji which is a combination of the word Animation and Emoji. The emoji of this new generation as its name can move, and amazingly, the expression of each emoji icon can be suited to the expression of the owner of the iPhone X.

Well, what an interesting series! So, if you want to buy this series, wait for the official D-Day release on October 27, 2017 to come, where the next series is marketed globally since November 3, 2017 to come.

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