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Why we should buy American products?

  Simple answer really or is it! There have been many times we buy things as a consumer just to save us few dimes but we don’t get hundred percent satisfied with our purchase. Why is that? Is it because we try to save few nickels and dimes instead of buying the premium item? In reality, yes would be the answer. Now you might say no not all cheaper items are not bad quality. I agree, however when you try to buy an American product what are you comparing it too. Usually, we compare the product with an overseas manufacturer who sells the same product at a cheaper price. So what makes American products so special that we should start buying USA made goods. In short, American goods are made with hard-working men and women who takes pride in their work, using the finest materials they can find, with the craftsmanship of a rocket scientist.

            So what do we mean by hard working men and woman that made America and its goods? The people! Who dedicated their lives to help others and growing their community little by little to make a nation that brings pride and love to everything they do. Unlike most general product we buy, there is always a different feel and emotion to each item made in America. Some tell a story; some solves a problem or some simply shows that it is made with much love with no compromise. On the negative note, the small businesses in the States are struggling to keep that mind state, and the reason is consumer are targeted to buy cheaper products which become harder and harder for our home business owner to compete in a market where love, quality, and craftsmanship doesn’t count the cost does. To help grow our home businesses we all have to support ourselves. Show that our hard working people are still rewarded keeping this dream well and secure is our responsibility. Proving that we are different, hardworking men and women who have unconditional commitment representing American pride and its dedicated people.

            Let us differentiate between the two and compare the actual value we get with our purchase buying an American product. In America most people I know and the media sources I have seen tells and shows their pride towards the jobs and the work that they do. The item and service which they provide are not comparable with an oversea manufacturer whose goal is to cut cost and save money to sell its goods with a cost value proposition. U.S builders and manufacturer take the extra time and steps to meet the quality standard that represents the benchmark of the best in world standards. This also includes the standard that is developed by the industry leading individuals who live and breath the career they are focused on. It is a mechanism that is used to make sure the out most performance and quality are achieved while staying complained of environmental and government rules. These policies and standard are not followed by the foreign manufacturer or they don’t have to follow certain guideline or processes which become a significant cost saving value. By not following these policies the damage to these items or product usually results in poor material quality and unreliable products. However, buying American made goods we have total assurance that the things are made with finest material or ingredients, which resulting in the best product a consumer can love and enjoy. This shows that brands in the USA are still leading name brands known to most people around the world.

Which people are responsible for making these products? And how do we know that the products are designed with great innovation with a revolutionizing idea? In short how these products are made would have been a right question. Each product from design face to actual manufacturing, every option and techniques are explored to make it best as possible. This requires some innovative ideas and many skills where the best of the engineers, doctors, so forth are needed to forge the best product possible. The detail and quality are maintained as if each object is crafted with a meaning behind them and love as if it was meant to be used by the actual craftsmen himself. When using these products, the item lasts for years to come and paid itself off over time.

 Inclusion we have to keep an open mindset to what we are purchasing and think of what our purchase is resulting. This small change of decision can help many small families and help many businesses grow. Cheaper product means cheaper labor, cheaper materials, and cheaper manufacturing hence cheaper cost. However, if products are manufactured at a higher scale, it gives manufacturers the ability to produce the product cheaper. All in all, to drive American business and help them give us cheaper and better products we have to look and buy things made in America. And this is why we should buy American made products.

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